Coating Optimisation uses advanced Swiss technology to visualise the coating application on products in a way ​never before possible. The days of taking countless, time consuming point measurements manually are of the ​past. Technology allows us to measure up to 320,000 points on any flat or non-flat surface (including edges) in ​about 0.5 seconds. Nearly instantly you can see how you are applying your coating... and we are certain you can ​do better. Join us on our mission to take coating optimisation to the next level across the entire industry!

Our Services

Our team consists of industry experts with experience in designing award winning coating lines and introducing ​optimising innovations to existing industrial coating lines. For example, an initial optimisation session with ​visualisation tools reduces the powder usage by 20% on average. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in:

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Optimise coating equipment configuration to increase quality and reduce ​resource usage. This service come with a detailed report on projected cost and ​emission savings. Available for both powder coating and wet paint lines.

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Design of new and redesign of existing industrial coating lines to meet all ​required specifications, optimise output and minimise costs.

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Training sessions for coaters. We help your workers understand how they are ​actually applying the powder/paint in a simple and effective way. This method ​will quickly improve their application skills.

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